• Accurate business planning
    for growth and development

    in Medicine

  • Streamlining process will promote
    the organization to new destinations,

    in Infrastructures

  • Accurate specification of needs

    in High-Tech

  • Lead your team higher
    than you thought possible

    in Aviation

Simplify A Complex Situation Or Problem

How do you simplify a complex situation or problem?

How do you identify problems with your business, increase output, reduce costs, and come up with new ideas to grow and develop your organization?

How does an organization identify its own weaknesses, improve its structure, and make the most of its talent?

Even a complex market and an intricate organization can be broken down to their building blocks, while identifying the relationships between the different elements interacting within the organization. An in-depth review of functions, variables, and processes within an organization is more than half the way towards sustained growth.

Our Goal is to help businesses and organization understand their particular situation, and guide them as they find the path toward recovery and development quickly and efficiently.

How do we do this? Our Way is to listen, analyze, and help you implement the desired changes, on both the macro and micro levels.

Which tools will we be using? The TRIZ Organizational Method includes elements from various disciplines such as economics, industrial engineering, marketing, and psychology.

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Business Consulting

Strategy, development, talent acquisition and what is in between

Orgnizational Consulting

Organizational processes analysis, operational strategy, change and adaptation of organizational structure, talent acquisition, establishment of training and training system, development of managers and critical organizational functions, organizational processes implementation

Simplify a Complex Situation or Problem

Max Kaplan

MA in Organizational Development & Consultancy

BA in Psychology & Management

TRIZ Organizational & Business Consultant

Agile Consultant for IT & Software Development

Talent Acquisition, Training & OD Specialist

Certified Mediator

NLP Personal Trainer

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