I help SMEs increase efficiency & profit by implementing data analysis methodologies and processes. 
Data analyis used to be the realm of leading high-tech companies who could afford to hire data analysts and pay for expensive software. 

But with the continuous advances in technology, these same tools and techniques have become available at a much smaller cost, and many smaller and medium-sized organizations aren't even aware that they could be using these to work more efficiently and save hundreds of thousands of dollars.

I work with government and private organizations that have been left behind and implement data-analysis methodologies company-wide to uncover hidden gems and increase total effieicncy and profit.

Organizational Strategy & Change Management

The problem: Companies lose hundreds of thoudsands of dollars when complex company-wide projects fall between the cracks ____ if they don't get enough traction and if the different stake-holders don't bring it to fruition. 

The solution:

Client Results:


Operations Analytics 

The problem: 

The solution
: Working smarter and not working harder in order to increase efficiency while lowering operational costs.

Client restuls
More than 45% increase in productivity
 - More than 50% decrease in time-to-market release.

People & Talent Analytics

The problem: Employee recruitment, retention and development are the biggest pain-points companies suffer from today.

The solution: Implementation of efficient performance evaluation processes, which form the base for talent management and development processes. All this while supporting and working closely with management.  

Client Results
 A 45% increase in employee motivation and engagement, 30% improvement in HR operations, 80% increase in the performance evaluation process accuracy.

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